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August Printables - Housekeeping Calendar and Weekly Meal Planner

It's August 1st--time for a new calendar!

For those of you who enjoy my daily housekeeping schedule, I have created monthly calendar pages that you can print out and put up on your fridge.

The calendars aren't as in-depth as the housekeeping schedule is, but they provide a basic guideline to post in your home. Each one also contains an inspiring scripture!

I'm only posting August's this time, but I'll get September's out to you soon.

In addition to the monthly calendars, I have also included the weekly meal planner, since I know that a lot of you enjoyed it the last time it was posted.

The planner has a place to list breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as space on the bottom for a grocery list. You can download the printables by clicking the links below the image.

If you would like to take a closer look at them, you can also do that by clicking on the links below. It will bring up a PDF file that you can choose to either print or view.

I hope you enjoy them!
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Infidelity In Marriage

How many times do people who have been cheated on look back and marvel at how effortlessly the lies tripped of their partner's tongue as to why they were having to work late, go out of town on business, visit the dentist, the fact a myriad of excuses.

And having experienced infidelity in your marriage, how can you ever know the truth from the lies and learn to trust your partner again?

One of the hardest things to accept when your spouse has had an affair is that you struggle to understand how you actually fell for the lies, how you didn't cotton on to what was happening right under your nose.

But anyone can be hoodwinked by a good liar and there really is no easy way to spot an untruth.

Once your world has been shattered by the realisation that at least a part of your marriage has been based on a bed of deceit, it's extremely difficult to tell exactly what is real and what is fiction and you may long for that time when you believed that your partner's word was inviolate. You may want to trust them again but it's a long and arduous process which needs your partner's wholehearted commitment to creating a new level of trust between you both.

Infidelity All Rights Reserved

Infidelity in Marriage: Guess Who Their Lover Used to Be?

You asked your spouse over and over again why they did it. At first they just refused to answer. Then it turned into mumbling incoherence. Both responses only made you angrier which is to be expected.

After all it was they who shattered the marriage vows by carrying on an extramarital affair. You did everything within your power to make sure the relationship would only get better and now as far as you're concerned it's all gone.

But there is a nagging question that you want answered. Call it satisfying your curiosity or being a glutton for punishment. However you label it, you have got to know. Why did they do it?

And then they drop the bombshell on you. It's all your fault. You are not surprised by that statement. You have known of couples wh ere one spouse cheats then pulls the old switcheroo so in essence you prepared yourself for it.

You let them know you are not buying it nor are you going to accept responsibility for their betrayal.

Still they go forward. They never meant for it to happen but you just didn't seem to have time for them anymore. You were always too busy or too tired. When they tried to talk to you about the coldness and distance which they felt was creeping into the marriage, you would dismiss their concern as nonsense. Even when you did listen, it was half hearted. And any solution was mostly your idea with very little input from your significant other. It's not that they did not have anything to contribute; it is they you would only accept so much before you made the decision that the conversation was over.

Now the person that your significant other is having an affair with in has picked up the emotional slack. They give their undivided attention to your spouse. The passion and romance which has gone out of your marriage is now back in full force with the other person. So are the laughter, spontaneity and sense of adventure. In other words your spouse has found a relationship with someone who does what you use to.

The feeling that the marriage relationship is not what it used to be may be true to some extent but remember the door swings both ways. The fact that you were always too tired, too busy is ridiculous. And so is the notion that you and you alone decided the direction of the relationship.

It takes two to make a marriage work. The truth is your significant other let themselves drift away; then when they saw a chance to jump ship and have some fun without any real sense of responsibility they took it. All the while telling themselves it was your fault and working out the excuses to justify their infidelity.

May be you could have done some things better but you are human. If you fell down on the job in certain areas of the relationship then it is up to your partner to pick up the slack or make sure that the two of you work it out together. Trying to create the good old days of your marriage with someone new is selfish, wrong and astonishingly immature.

Infidelity All Rights Reserved

Terms of Surviving Infidelity in Marriage

The word "survive" entails being able to live on, function and prosper. It means being able to exist. In a marriage with infidelity, how does one survive?

There are a lot of articles in the internet on surviving infidelity in marriage and there is no one correct way of doing so. To be able to function and prosper in marriage after infidelity and overcome it is definitely not easy. You will first have to believe that you can survive it. A positive attitude is a requirement to survival. An agreement must occur between you and your other half. Both of you should decide that you want to put everything in the past. This step you cannot skip. Else, you might find yourself trying to survive when your partner has already given up in the first place.

In your agreement, you may include the following terms:

- Honesty at all times: agree that both of you will be honest with whatever aspect of each others' life.

- Time to heal: both of you should give each other time to heal and process feelings.

- Avoid fights: although this may be inevitable it helps to come up with rules of how you will make up in case you have a fight about the previous affair or any other reason. You must make sure you don't make the damage bigger than it already is.

- Support each other: talk about what you should do if the other one is in pain, doubt or suspicious. It helps when you can support each other in times of grief and sorrow.

- Forgive. You must also agree that no matter how long it takes, you should forgive each other. Do not hurry each other. Rather, agree that even if takes years, you will eventually forgive each other.

The terms will help your relationship to not only survive but to thrive as well. Just make sure you concentrate on the positive and avoid focusing on the negative. Make new memories and get ready to face other challenges in your relationship in the future. This will help you anticipate and solve future challenges that will come your way.

Infidelity All Rights Reserved

How to Catch a Cheating Spouse - Uncover Them

Everyone in the world dreams of having a perfect relationship. Everyone longs for a relationship that is bounded with trust, love and affection. There is nothing more painful for someone in a relationship than having a partner or a spouse that cheats on you. One of the most common felonies you would not want to commit is infidelity. Infidelity is common in today's world. With so many influences from media and friends, 25 percent of male and 15 percent of female partners have a tendency to cheat on their partner. Everyone of course wants to know how to catch a cheating spouse.

To catch a cheating spouse, you should consider few things:

1. A common sign that your spouse or partner is cheating on you is when he is becoming excessively late in coming home. This is an easy excuse to use for you really wouldn't know if he is really working late. If your partner starts coming home late and it becomes a habit, you should start checking up on his activities. Of course in trying to catch him, you should make sure that he doesn't know you are looking up on him. It is easy to really see if he is indeed working late if you'll just pop up and pay a surprise visit at his office.

2. Cheating today comes often with the use of technological advancements. Mobile phones can be used by a cheating spouse or partner. Partners usually use this technology to call and send messages to the other party. Catching a partner who is clearing logs in their mobile phones is difficult, but there are certain softwares that can be used to retrieve information such as deleted messages, videos and images.

3. A personal computer can also be used by a cheating spouse Computers can be used to video call, talk and communicate using social networking sites. You should keep wary on things your partner does in the computer.

Catching a cheating spouse can mark an end to any doubts in your relationship. But just before you confront your doubts in your partner, you should garner the necessary information needed to confront him. There are things that can be talked about by couples so things will be okay. Communication is very important in any relationship. Without the proper communication, you and your partner will just end up fighting each other if you hide your inner most feelings from them.

Infidelity All Rights Reserved

Sign of a Cheating Spouse: Catching Them Just Got Tougher

The renowned singer Connie Francis once sang "Lipstick on your collar told a tale on you." The song maybe dated but the sentiment remains. Catching a cheating spouse in many ways still comes down to the same warning signs that have been around since time immemorial.

In addition to lipstick on the collar, a sign of a cheating spouse includes unexplained (or badly explained) changes in their personal appearance, the classic working late but not really, unaccounted for charges on the credit card as well as a noticeable distance and secretiveness beginning to dominate the relationship.

There are a multitude of signs to be on guard for if you have suspicions your spouse is cheating. Unfortunately in this day and age, two things which have become an integral part of our lives are also major obstacles when it comes to discovering marital infidelity.

1. The Internet

They do not call it the information highway for nothing. The ability to instantaneously connect with someone from around the globe is a technological marvel. It's also an avenue for temptation. It has become all too easy to meet people who have no compunction about hooking up for some offline romance. The almost unlimited supply of potential partners has made the internet THE place to cheat.

Online cheating allows someone to remain anonymous while also affordsing them the capacity to cover their tracks. This takes on a more heightened effectiveness if the unfaithful spouse tends to be more computer savvy than their significant other. They could literally be carrying on an affair while sitting in the same room as their partner.

Even if the person tells themselves they would never cross the line by actually meeting their online companion, it still comes down to taking away emotionally from the relationship they are currently in. Besides that, curiosity is a powerful motivator. If two parties are really hitting it off well in cyberspace then somewhere down the line the pull to meet the other person maybe a little too strong to ignore.

2. The Mobile

In the old days frequent calls at inappropriate moments or just picking up a telephone extension could tell you all you needed to know about whether a spouse was cheating. And now? Not so much. The cell phone has been a gift to many an unfaithful partner.

Besides the obvious benefit of being able to take all calls directly, the cell phone also allows the cheating spouse to keep tabs on their significant other. If for instance both parties decide that an afternoon rendezvous would make their day go better, than a quick call to find out your whereabouts and what's on your immediate agenda will tell your partner all they need to know. Being able to coordinate the movements of all parties involved after receiving immediate information has in far too many instances taken cheating to a new level.

The tested and proven methods of catching a cheating spouse are always going to be with us. No matter how much precaution someone goes through to keep their extramarital affair hidden, they are still human and subject to making mistakes. But the reality is the internet along with mobile phones has made the job of catching a cheating spouse a whole lot tougher.

Infidelity All Rights Reserved

Cheating Spouse- Infidelity Investigations

The idea that a loved one may be breaking sacred promises and engaging in an outside relationship is accompanied by a myriad of emotions. You feel betrayed, you feel abandoned and left alone to survive in a world that has been utterly unfair to you. Yet the uncertainty and anxiety that comes with not knowing the truth may be even worse than the abandonment itself. It disrupts your life and prevents you from moving on. It deprives you of peace, sleep, and is emotionally and physically taxing. We at Lakeside Investigations understand this, and are here to prove to you that you are not alone. You can fight back and take control of your life again, and we have all the state-of-the-art tools ready to put to good use--to get you the truth once and for all.

We are experts and professionals. We work with clients like you every day to get them the proof they need to improve their lives. Confidentiality and results are our highest priorities€and the initial consultation is always free to you. In fact, we realize that you may be uncomfortable about revealing your own identity, so we are willing at first to consult with you anonymously until you feel confident enough in our professionalism to reveal yourself to us.

The reality in life is that infidelity happens a lot, and while it is difficult and painful to think it might happen to you, it is also immensely important for the truth to come to light. Not only does infidelity hurt emotions and disrupt lives, it may also be extremely dangerous for health reasons. So if you suspect your spouse or significant other of infidelity, it€s very important that you do NOT confront them. This will only cause them to change their habits and deprive you of the certainty you require for good health and peace of mind. The first thing you should do is call us, the experts at Lakeside Investigations.

If you believe your spouse might be cheating, then never forget that you have a right to know€and statistics are on your side proving that 85% of all women who suspect their men are cheating are correct. And the same is alarmingly true for 50% of men who suspect their wives or girlfriends might be cheating. Yet you still need the proof that will get you not only the peace of mind you deserve, but the moral and legal vindication that you need. We have the capacity to bring all that actionable proof right to you.

At Lakeside Investigations, it all begins with very detailed background work, which includes planning and investigation that is tailored to the lifestyle of your spouse or significant other. Many of our competitors waste your time and theirs performing shallow investigations based on their own schedules. Next to nothing gets accomplished in this way, and you end up wasting money on circumstantial evidence€or worse, on no evidence at all! Our investigators are committed to finding proof of what your spouse is really up to, and this will mean you must provide very detailed and specific information to us that will put us on the right track.

The difficulty that this situation may present to you is understandable, and our consultants are compassionate toward this. At the same time, it is necessary for you to be candid about all the areas of your spouse€s personal life that might be relevant to the investigation. The thoroughness with which we question you will give you an idea of just how far we will go in the actual investigation to get you the truth you need. We know that you are desperate now to find out the true activities of your spouse, and we are committed to match that desperation with our meticulous attention to all the details that will uncover the most discreet activities of your mate.

Our experts are highly trained in the systematic methods of cheating spouse investigations that are guaranteed to produce the most accurate results. However, let us also assure you that all actions we perform will be carried out with the utmost discretion and the strictest attention to propriety and good taste. Our goal is not to embarrass you or create an unnecessary scandal. We simply recognize your need and right to know the details of relationships in which your mate is engaged, and we are committed to providing you (and no one else) with that information. We are careful to provide the most thorough investigation so that you are free and able to use it in legal proceedings, or simply to confront the cheating spouse and get your life back on track€but we leave that decision up to you.

Call us now for a free and confidential evaluation. The profile we€ve provided above is made up of a list of behaviors that point toward a cheating spouse or significant other. While no single one of these behaviors should be considered evidence of a cheating spouse, if a few of these are present in your spouse€s behavior then your alarm is understandable.

Life is too short and yours too important to continue living in misery and doubt. We€re here to help you ease the pain by winning back your happiness, security, and freedom. We guarantee exceptional service at affordable prices€and our level of service you won€t get anywhere else! Call now.

Infidelity All Rights Reserved

Catch a Cheating Spouse - How to Have an Affair

Do not be confused by the title. To have any chance to catch a cheating spouse, it is imperative you know the inner workings of how to have an affair. Warning, this is NOT a how-to on becoming a cheating spouse. The purpose here is to open your eyes to how transparent a cheating spouses activities can be and shut down their secret love affair.

Step 1: Assimilation

Once you have met that new lover, there is a tendency to mold yourself into what makes them the happiest. You will need to change your clothing styles, maybe a new hairstyle and even upgrade to a finer cologne or perfume. Do whateve r it takes to impress your dirty little secret. You probably fantasize about a extremely active sex life, so you better take on a new exercise regime as well.

Step 2: Center of Attention

Take all the time you need to think about your new flame. Nothing means more to you right now than them. You probably will be constantly anticipating your next encounter. Losing focus, daydreaming and forgetting to do normal daily routines will be expected, but since your cheating thoughts are more important, it's okay. If you have no desire to spend time with your spouse, that's okay too, they will understand when you tell them you "need some time to yourself". Staying late at work to "finish a project" also goes over well with your spouse - they will suspect nothing!

Step 3: Energy Conservation

This is very important. Since you are going into an affair that most likely revolves around the bed, you need to do whatever to conserve your energy stores. Brushing off your spouse's intimate advances, getting to bed earlier because you are "tired", and doing as little as possible around the house will surely prepare you for an energizing night with your new significant other.

Step 4: Communication

Keep in regular contact with your lover through your computer, or the phone. Pretending to surf the web for the latest news on global warming is a great cover when chatting with your flame. You might feel a bit anxious when your spouse nears your computer, but if you are quick, you should not have to worry. Phone logs can sometimes be a pain, s o I suggest you snap up your bills quickly - sometimes a spouse will wonder about phone numbers they don't recognize. A good cover is to explain you are calling a co-worker that is attending that out of town meeting you have coming up. Works every time!

There are additional steps to being a successful cheating spouse. You probably will be able to manage quite well with the information above. As you can see, there are red flags around each corner that will allow you to catch a cheating spouse. Gain valuable additional information that will put your spouse's affair to an end. Visit my website: http://catch-a-cheating-spouse-how-tos.blogsp

Infidelity All Rights Reserved

Cheating Spouse Quiz- Want to Find Out If You Are Getting Cheated On?

Are you interested in learning if your spouse is really cheating? If the answer is yes, a cheating spouse quiz might have crossed your mind. A cheating spouse quiz is compiled of questions that basically ask you questions related to the signs of cheating. All you do is answer the questions which are mostly related to the signs of cheating. Below are some questions that might appear on a quiz of this sort.

Is you spouse getting home at very late hours?

If your spouse all of a sudden starts to pick up the routine where they are coming home at random and strange hours, this is a good sign of cheating.

Can you verify that your spo use is actually at work when they say they are?

When spouses are cheating, they may inform you that they will be working more hours than usual. If your spouse doesn't show you their paychecks and you can not verify that they are actually working late, there may be something going on.

Has the intimacy died?

If a spouse is cheating, their spouse may not be getting what they used to on the intimacy level. The reason is often obvious. They are fulfilling their desire with someone else. There are other things that can cause a decrease in intimacy so this may not be the case but if your spouse just suddenly stops showing interest in being intimate with you and their reasoning doesn't add up, they may be cheating.

Has your spouses attitude changed all of a sudden?

Fee ling guilty or just trying to have a reason to leave the house can be the reason for this attitude change. When their attitude changes, you can surely tell because they may act differently towards you, start unnecessary arguments, or they may seem uninterested in what you have to say or do. A change in attitude that suddenly occurs for no apparent reason could be a sign of cheating.

These questions is just a sample of what you might have to answer on a cheating spouse quiz. Based on the questions in this little quiz, if you answered yes to 2 or more of these questions, you could be getting cheated on and you may need to investigate further. These questions are just a tiny sample of questions that will help you figure out if your spouse is cheating or not.

A cheating spouse quiz can be helpful but there is nothing similar to your own judgement. Are you seeing any odd behavior? Do you have that gut feeling that you are getting cheated on? You should be able to know that there is something suspicious going on. It could be cheating and it might not.

To better aid you, its better to learn the signs of cheating. Once you know the signs of cheating, you can learn the truth on your own and won't need to resort to cheating spouse quiz.

Infidelity All Rights Reserved

Marriage And Infidelity: Wake of Damage

When two people are married they enter into an association that each hope will be a life time of sharing their lives and experiences with someone they can love, trust and grow old with. Most couples desire to build a strong, happy relationship that will foster a happy, healthy environment to raise children while also providing a comfortable home for them to escape the everyday pressures of the rest of the world.

However, with the busy lives people lead today, more time is spent away from their partners and in the company of others that often provide temptation for some individuals to seek the companionship of someone other than the person they have promised themselves to.

This busy, hectic lifestyle has led many people, both men and women, down the path of marital infidelity that may have otherwise remained faithful to their spouses and their marriage vows. With less time spent with their partners and families, cheating spouses often don't see the harm their extra marital affairs can cause to their marriages simply because of how convenient the opportunity for temptation may have been.

Regardless, as to why someone may have entered into infidelity; marriage is a commitment that requires dedication from both partners to keep the pledges they made to each other when they were joined in the union of marriage.

To understand why marriage and infidelity cannot coexist in a relationship, it must be understood that every marriage bond is made up of three basic components; these are love, trust and intimacy, with each being just as important to the health of the marriage union as the others.

Infidelity in a marriage replaces the closeness between the married couple with intimacy between the cheating spouses and their new found lovers, thus weakening the confidence between the married partners. Once this aspect of the relationship has been disturbed it directly affects the ties of trust and love. Where trust being the hardest and most time consuming to rebuild after the fact. And, love being the most durable attribute of a couples association, once gone, leaves no chance of rebuilding the relationship.

This is why marital infidelity is so damaging to a good relationship. It's not just only a betrayal of trust, or love, or intimacy, but of all three aspects of the marriage union with one single action of deceit.

Unfortunately, most people find out the consequence of the damage caused by infidelity in a marriage only after marital infidelity has caused its wake of destruction in their relationship.

Infidelity All Rights Reserved

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fixing Your Marriage After Infidelity: How Do You Do It?

I receive a lot of emails asking me if it's really possible to "fix" a marriage after infidelity and, if so, how does one go about doing it? Many of the folks who write me really do want to make their marriages work and are doing their best to navigate all of the negative issues that infidelity brings, but they aren't sure how to go about doing this and often their spouses do not believe in their sincerity. So, in the following article, I'll tell you what I believe (based on my own experience and research) is vital if you want your marriage to be one ofthe ones that is able to rebound and survive after infidelity.

Sincerity Is The First Step In Fixing The Marriage After The Cheating: I can not stress what I am about the say enough. Both parties must be absolutely 100% sincere in their commitment to making things work. I would say to the spouse who cheated that most of the responsibility of fixing this lies with you and you must take this very seriously. Your spouse can tell if your heart is really in it or if it is not. If you are even remotely on the fence about your commitment to this person and to your marriage, then you should absolutely wait and evaluate your feelings before you hurt them again.

You must absolutely and completely be over the other person. Ideally, you would have cut all ties with them. If you're not yet at this place, do not ask your spouse to trust in you or work with you on the marriage. This is just too much to ask. If you ask them to place their trust in you again and then you betray them again (even by not telling the whole truth or conveniently omitting things) then you are doing much more damage than good. In order to really fix this mess, they are eventually going to need to trust you again. Don't ask them to do this until you are sure that you are trustworthy.

Helping Them To Trust You Again: If you've read this far, then I'll assume that you are sincere and trustworthy.The next step then is making your spouse believe that they can believe what you say. I must tell you that sometimes this just takes time. But you can help this along by being accountable. You can offer up "proof" of your trustworthiness. Hand over your cell phone. Give them your email and computer passwords. Take them with you on errands and outings when possible. Offer reassurance and reaffirm your commitment regularly. Don't tell them that you're going to be one place and then be somewhere else. They must be able to confirm what you've said on a constant basis. Because the first time they catch you in even a little white lie, alarm bells are going to ring and you've j ust made your job that much harder.

I often have people who tell me things like: "the constant checking up and checking in gets old fast. I feel likea child who has to check in with my parents." Yes, it may not be all that much fun being you after the affair is found out, but these are the cards that you've dealt yourself and if you think what you're going through is difficult, then try to walk in your spouse's shoes. How would you feel if you were betrayed this way? What if your world was pulled out from below your feet? Try to remember all of these things when you get frustrated with the constant checking in. Because over time, you will show yourself to be trustworthy and often your spouse will begin to not need these reassurances as much. But, as long as they need them, then you should provide them.

Creating Something That's Better: I often tell people the best way to fix a marriage after infidelity is to create something that both people can be excited about and committed to. This often requires that both of you to take a hard look at your marriage and evaluate it for vulnerabilities. Then you must work together to mend all of the problems and safeguard your marriage from issues that may be lurking around the corner. I know that when I use the term "work" this might not sound so inviting, but the pay off is huge here.

Many people who stick around to work through an affair are very glad they did because in the end they are left with a marriage that is much better than what they had before. And, this is the whole key. Because when both people are content with and excited about the marriage that they are living in, it doesn't take much convincing to get them to continue on. And because both parties are happy, no one needs to go elsewhere or to have doubts.

I'm not saying that you should fake or pretend that you are at this place if you aren't. That won't work either. But your goal should be not to rescue what you had before, because clearly there were flaws in that relationship. Instead, the goal should be to build on what you had before, but to resurrect something that suits both of you much better in it's place.

I know that fixing your marriage after infidelity may seem a long way off, but hang in there. The rewards can be worth it. Although I never would've believed this two years ago, my marriage is stronger than ever after my husband's affair. It took a lot of work, and I had to play the game to win, but it was worth it. Because of all the work I did on myself, my self esteem is at an all time high. I know longer worry my husband will cheat again. You can read my very personal story on my blog at

Infidelity All Rights Reserved

Marital Infidelity- Saving Your Marriage after Infidelity

In most cases, infidelity in a marriage is one unforgivable thing a person could do to their spouse. Betrayal of trust is something that is hard to get over with. There are various reasons why a person commits infidelity but whatever the reason one has, there is no valid reason for infidelity. If you are dealing with infidelity issues, saving your marriage after infidelity is not an easy process.

If you are the one who had an affair and you want to save your marriage, it is important to stop the affair and regain the trust of your spouse. If you are the aggrieved spouse, it needs a lot of work to be able to accept and forgive your spouse€s mistakes. Unfaithfulness is a serious marriage problem but if you are a person who believes that marriage is for keeps and you want to know the best way of saving your marriage after infidelity, here are some tips:

Forgiveness. One important way to save your marriage is learning how to forgive. Although this is easier said than done, you cannot deny the fact that forgiveness is important in saving your marriage after infidelity. This does not mean that you are tolerating infidelity, but you have to look at all angels to find a reason why you should forgive your spouse. You should also remind yourself that love is about forgivin g.
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How to Surviving Infidelity in Marriage

Though infidelity in marriage is viewed by many as intolerable act of betrayal, it€s still so prevalent in our society today. By far, sex outside marriage by both men and women has gone up in the last decade, and the trend will probably continue for years to come.

Surveys and infidelity statistics gathered over the years has constantly shown that both married men and women engage in extra marital affair at an alarming rate € men more than women. Most of the surveys on this topic also suggest that younger married couples are more likely to be unfaithful to their spouse than do older and more established couples € surprisingly younger married females engage in more sex outside marriage than their male counterpart.

On average, about 22% of married men and 14% of women adm itted to having had sex with someone other than their spouse. This number may not seem outrageously high, and it€s not; but you have to remember that the survey is based on people who admitted to infidelity. Conventional wisdom has it that more than 50% of married men and women will have extra marital affair at least once during their marriage. It€s hard to believe but entirely true; because some people will deny having sex outside marriage even when they are caught in the act.

Infidelity All Rights Reserved

Wretched - Kirk Cameron

"Instead of giving us justice like we deserve, He's paid our fine. Jesus spilled His blood for us and adopted us into His family..." ~ Kirk Cameron

I also have a little story to share on this topic that I'll post on on Tuesday. See you then!

You are loved by an almighty God,


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Infidelity in Marriage – 6 Tips to Save Your Marriage after You Cheat

Infidelity in marriage is devastating and although most marriages can recover from an affair, the degree of recovery and speed is often dictated by the offender. If you want to save a marriage, help your spouse who cheated to change their behavior and restore trust in your relationship.

If you are the one who cheated, print this list out and refer to it often. It will give you the strength you need to change your actions and recommit to your marriage.

6 Tips to Save a Marriage and Rebuild Trust

Be Honest

Take Responsibility

Cut Ties

Be Open

Answer Honestly

Give them Time and Space as Needed

Be honest and upfront. The damage has already been done and continuing to lie will only compound the problem. You have the ability to set the tone and speed of reconciliation and it starts with being honest. Most likely your spouse has a general idea of what happened, but when they ask you a question answer it truthfully because it helps them to accept the situation that you put them in.

Take responsibility for your actions. The worst thing you can do is assign blame to anything or anyone but you. Own the mistake. When you own the mistake and are truly remorseful for your actions you create a climate where thoughts and feelings can be openly shared by both parties. This helps to increase the lines of communication which helps to re-establish trust and an emotional connection.

Cut all ties with the other person. After you've broken the trust between you and your spouse, you need to cut ties with the other man or woman. Your spouse will have a hard time trusting you again if you still keep that other person in your life. Now is the time to be sensitive to your spouse's feelings and by not cutting ties you send them mixed messages. You need to decide which relationship is most important to you; your marriage or the other one and your actions will speak volumes when it comes to saving your marriage.

Infidelity All Rights Reserved

Infidelity In Marriages - How To Deal With The Painful Images

The statistics reveal that the amount of marriages that suffer from infidelity is staggering. What is even more shocking to me is the number of people who are having or have had affairs that are in marriages that are long term. It seems that the length of the marriage and the apparent stability of the marriage is not necessarily something that makes a marriage immune from the possibility of an affair.

In my case, we had been married for 35 years when I found out that my wife had been involved in an affair for nearly 12 years. Everything seemed ok on the surface but under the surface there was some major problems that developed over time.

If you have discovered that your spouse has been unfaithful to you, one of the biggest hurdles to overcome is the onslaught of mental images. The pain that comes from these images can be unbearable. If you are ever going to be able to restore the relationship you most definitely will need to overcome these thoughts.

For me, the first morning after discovering the affair was the worst. The first thing I thought of when I awoke that morning was what she did. I immediately began to get graphic images in my mind of her with him. The thought of her being with him sexually was more than I could bear. As time went on, the images came with a little less frequency as our marriage began to heal. But still there were times when I felt bombarded with them and wondered if I could ever be free of the hold they had on me.

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Infidelity in Marriage – Why It Occurs? How to Deal With Infidelity?

Couples have a strong bond of love and affection between them. This love and care has to face various ups and downs throughout their lives as well. It is very important for both members of a couple to shower the maximum of their love, comfort and sincerity upon each other. If such situations of love and sincerity exist between couples, the chances of flouting of relations are extremely low.

But, if couples do not understand the basic requirements of their partners, such couples have a chance of their exposure to breakage of their relationship. A couple must try to comfort and adopt the kind of behavior which is actually required by his/her partner. If either of the members of the couple is not able to provide the other one with the desired feelings and care, he/she might start searching all his/her desired aspects of behavior in someone else.

If a partner is not able to satisfy the physical, emotional and all kinds of needs associated to his/her partner, such situation leads towards infidelity in marriage. Such infidelity results in cheating of one member of the couple from another.

Seriously if this state occurs between couples, the entire relationship can have to face huge chaos. Both the members get away from each other and thus distances keep on increasing. Such circumstances have the ability to affect both the members of the couple to a great extent.

Why do such circumstances take birth?

Each member of couple has several expectations from his/her soul mate. If his/her expectations are not fulfilled by his/her member he/she starts expecting that from others. In searching so, he/she easily falls for someone else other than his/her own partner. Lack of time, appreciation, comfort, truthfulness plays a huge role in giving birth to such circumstances when one partner cheats the other one.

How do such circumstances grow?

When one partner is able to find his longings in someone else other than his own partner, he/she gets easily inclined towards the other individual. Emotional fondness takes birth and the one under emotional infidelity starts passing more time with the appealing individual rather than his/her own partner.

What happens when such a feature takes birth in a relationship?

The emotional inclinations of one member of the couple towards another individual play a huge role in shattering the relationship of the couple. The couple has various misjudgments and frequent doubts between them. The couple has no personal feelings and closeness among each other.

How can a couple control such a situation?

It is very important that couple plays huge efforts in reducing all possible chances of breakage of relationship that was caused due to the emotional falling of one partner for another. If a couple satisfies each other with all kinds of needs, none of the members would ever fall for someone else. If either of the members falls for someone else and infidelity occurs, a new sense of complete satisfaction and love from a new beginning can play a huge role in bringing the couple and their relationship back to their original position again.

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Infidelity In Marriage - What You Need To Know

Healing from infidelity in marriage has never been effortless nevertheless it is possible. When you first uncover your wife or husband's affair, the destruction can be over-bearing. There are some things you ought to implement and several issues you must not do. I'm going to help you get through all these first few months without having completely losing your head or your marital life.

First of all when you are healing from infidelity in marriage certainly not make any type of sizeable decisions. I would suggest holding out a complete 12 month period prior to you making this kind of decisions. If you do not really need to get out of your romantic relationship or any other reasons which can be life-threatening you shouldn't make any sort of life altering decision right now simply because it will probably be based upon off your feelings. Thoughts are fleeting and they change quite frequently therefore you may end up picking a choice that you will regret for many years therefore it's best to not make any whatsoever to the point where your feelings tend to be more in balance.

Furthermore in healing from infidelity in marriage certainly not progress within your relationship until your partner has cut all exposure to the affair partner. Which indicates that they in no way have anything more to do with them period! No emails, texts, messages or calls, as well as jobs with one another. All connection really needs to be terminated straightaway. To make sure that it's been, you will need ability to access everything including your spouse's individual e-mail accounts, bank information, mobile devices, and many others. Nothing at all needs to be kept from you and you should be able to view any of these details at anytime you wish.

Third with healing from infidelity in marriage is certainly obtaining a little encouragement. This is sometimes a really lonely time period since more often than not people will routinely keep this kind of occurrence a secret. For those who keep it a secret then in what way are you planning to receive any sort of assistance? For anybody who is not able to express to a single person pertaining to the affair in this case I would certainly recommend highly seeing if your community has any sort of BAN (Beyond Affairs Network) meetings. They're organizations solely in support of the betrayed wife or husband and generally are totally confident ial. In the case there are not one in your community you could very well begin one, and that is just what I carried out considering the fact that at this time there weren't any in existence for my situation. For those who do not want to choose that avenue you can come across support online. There are a number message boards and forums from which betrayed partner's can certainly search for help and support. I encountered one merely a number of hours soon after I discovered the affair and so this was such a help for me. I invested many hours on a lot of these boards after I found out and I received a lot help and support and love at that place which in turn is actually precisely what I needed at the moment.

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Need a Cheating Spouse Detective?- Get Cell Phone Spyware Software Instead

Is your marriage crumbling because of possible marital infidelity by your spouse? Areyou atyour breakingpointand thinking of hiring aCheating Spouse Detective to confirm if your spouseis cheating on you?

If your not 100% sure, and your suspicions are just that at this point, before you hire a private detective, consider using an undetectable mobile phone spywarefirst.

The mobile spy ischeap, accurate and much less expensive than the daily rates of a private detective.

Especially if you're not even sure your spouseisplaying around, and just want to check up on them.

Hiring a private detective to follow a spouse around all day can be a very costly expense. Typical private investigator fees could easily top 250.00 a day.

And, that'swithout expenses. The average cost of investigating and proving marital cheating is over 5,000.00 dollars an investigation.

Cell Phone Spyware Software costs less than 1 day of a cheating spouse surveillance fee, and can give the userextremely private andvaluable information within 20 minutes.

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Detect a cheating spouse

So your most likely reading this article because you have some suspicion that your partner might be cheating on you. Being a professional private investigator has led me to deal with a many number of infidelity cases. The spouse or partner comes to me with a concern that they are their significant other might be cheating on them. My job and goal is to detect a cheating spouse on these cases. Gathering the facts and collecting evidence during the investigation. Then I examine the case when its completed to determine without a reasonable doubt that their spouse was indeed cheating. This could possibly be a time where they are fed up and want the truth so my job is to provide the truth. The cost to hire a professi onal private investigator can run from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Most of the time it is in the thousands because of the amount of work and time involved.

You might be looking for ways to catch a cheating spouse. Well what I am going to share in this article will detect a cheating spouse within minutes. There is discreet solution that that can turn you into the investigator. A tool that I carry and use on all my infidelity cases called Semen test kit. It is a forensics kit that is used to detect a cheating spouse or partner. Its primary role is to detect semen and will even show you the amount on the tested area. You will be your own CSI detective gathering the clues seeing the results appear before your eyes. Not only do private investigators such as my self use the semen forensic kits but so does many law enforcement agencies located throughout the United States. Law enforcement use these kits in mainly rape and child molestation cases. They get the job done with out failure each and every time.

To detect a cheating spouse you have to get creative and these kits are very creative. Cheaters are usually very paranoid and will say or do just about anything to cover up their tracks. With the semen forensic kits you can do the same and nab them each and every time. Semen forensic kits can even detect semen on materials from all the way back to 30 years! 30 years is a very long time and gives them no room for anymore lies. You can test vehicles,offices, and anywhere in your own home or place you can think of. This is your solution to detect a cheating spouse today! There are many ways to detect a cheating spouse but this kit will do it within seconds.

You will save hundreds to thousands of dollars and have a sure fire way to detect a cheating spouse. These semen forensics kits are easy to use and require very little effort. You will get your truth and hopefully decide to move on and stop the emotional abuse. What ever your reason know that this is a tool to get the job done. Bring some peace to your mind and catch them today! Visit my website and get more information on these semen forensic testing kits. My website has all the information,pictures and details about the semen forensic testing kits. My website also gives details on where you can order these kits and get successful results every time.

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Cheating Spouse Signs - Simple Cheating Spouse Signs To Look Out For In Your Partner

In modern society the concept of cheating spouses is all too common, however, with a little knowledge, some luck and the use of technology, any cheating can easily be found out. The first and most obvious sign of cheating from a spouse is a change in behavior. If your partner suddenly starts showering everyday instead of the once weekly ritual you are used to then that should set of a few alarm bells in your relationships. Coupled with changes in hygiene routine, the appearance of new clothes, can normally signify a new amorous interest in your partner. While these two signs alone are hardly damning evidence, they should mark the beginning of the watch period in your relationship.

Apart from the obvious cheating spouse signs of new clothes and a cleaner partner, modern technology can play a part in indicating a spouse is either cheating or considering cheating. The cellphone, is a prime example, calls answered at strange times and followed by a quick exit to a private area to talk, can be significant. If your spouse is not working on some essential project and he or she is receiving calls at out of office hours and disappearing into a quiet corner then be afraid. If this behavior is coupled with new clothes and a cleaner partner then begin the serious search for cheating.

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How to Catch A Cheating Spouse Online - Catch Your Wife Cheating

How to catch a cheating spouse online is bound to be frustrating. Not only at there so many places she can go, but it is probably a tense (or stressful) situation already. There are people that will spend hours looking to see what the other has been up to. They scour through the computer history looking for clues. Some might even start trolling through social networks to see what is going on there as well. That alone could take days. There really are a lot of social sites out there that they could be on.

How to catch a cheating spouse online is somewhat important as well. There are some states that recognize online relationships as cheating, and are considered grounds for divorce. The problem comes in with getting evidence and being able to prove it though. There are many ways for her to cover her tracks so that you might suspect, but couldn't prove anything. She can open separate email accounts to use for any user information on other sites. That alone could keep you from finding her on any social sites.

How to catch a cheating spouse online? If she was smart at all, she won't make it easy. You could look through the computer history, but she most likely wipes it clean. You could even try and see what her email accounts are, but if she were smart she will not have them saved on the computer. The same holds true for instant messengers as well. There are a lot of obstacles that she could put in the way to keep you from getting the information you might need.

How to catch a cheating spouse online? Well it depends on how good you are with computers. You might be able to look through some tutorials and set up some traps to get the information (like log-ins) that you might need to get other stuff. However, not all of us are very good at computers. Some of us just use them for basic things like shopping and email. You can however, find programs online that can make it much, much easier. Some of them are quite user-friendly, and others are a bit more complex.

How to catch a cheating spouse online? It does not have to be the frustrating, time-consuming task. You can make it quite easy, and effective with the right tools. It really all depends on what you want to keep track of, what information you would want, and what you might need as evidence should it come to that. Check through them to see which ones you could use, and would do what you want. Some of them are going to depend on your level of computer use and operating systems, but you should be able to find some that would suit your needs. Otherwise you can always try to just track her down one site at a time and then gather the information from each site. This will work if you can find her, but the time involved will vary greatly from person to person.

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Sure-fire Tools to Expose Your Cheating Spouse Quickly and Effectively

If you are already at the point of highly suspecting your spouse is cheating on you, then it is time to turn those suspicions into cold, hard facts. How ever sneaky they think they are, little do they know you will be one step ahead of them. Get the down low on techniques to catch your cheating spouse.

If your spouse spends a ton of time on the computer, it could be to correspond with their secret lover. They probably are sending email back and forth, swapping photos, even engaging in live chat (video and audio). Your secret weapon for the online cheater is called a keylogger. Essentially, a keylogger will capture text that is typed, email message s that are sent and received, web pages that are visited; pretty much anything that might incriminate them. A keylogger runs in the background in stealth mode totally hidden from your cheating spouse. With a secret login, you can very quickly reveal what your spouse has been up to. A few words of caution: 1) If they are cheating, you are probably going to be faced with some pretty explicit data - even information you may not want to know. 2) Depending on how you interpret the law, you might be breaking some privacy rules. You have been warned. However, to get to the bottom of your cheating spouse's love affair might mean taking a risk, right? Check below for additional information on keylog ging software.

Have hang-ups become all too common lately? Or are there numbers on the phone or cell that you are not familiar with? I don't know about you, but I always want to know who the call was from. And if you are dealing with a cheating spouse, you REALLY want to know the origin of the calls. Your secret weapon that will get you "in touch" with these unknown numbers is a reverse phone look-up. There are many places online to check out that offer reverse phone look-ups, however, most of the time the information provided is limited. You might get a city and state that a phone number has originated from, but little more than that. Some will charge by the look-up, and others will c harge a monthly or one-time fee that allows for unlimited access. The choice is yours. Keep in mind how important it is to uncover your cheating spouses tracks - you will quickly realize that the fees are insignificant. Get "hooked up" to reverse phone look-ups below.

Would you do what it would take to catch your cheating spouse? Or do you enjoy being lied to, living with infidelity? Take action now - expose your cheating spouse and get control over your life. You deserve to know, you deserve better. Get started today. Visit my website and get more information on keylogging software for your computer and reverse phone lookup sites to identify those mystery callers. Tomorrow is not soon enough, you ha ve wasted enough of your life.

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Why Do Men and Women Cheat?

Recent research is showing that over time men have been motivated by the allure of sex as the primary factor in infidelity. On the other hand, women usually look for sparks outside of marriage because of emotional isolation in a relationship.

While historical figures seem to prove that more men cheat on their spouses then women, recent trends over the past decade show that infidelity is rising for both men and women. Factors such as increased job travel and the ability to be anonymous over the Internet have made it easier for affairs to take place. Additionally, women are getting more career opportunities and are more financially independent than ever before.

One of the most upsetting things about infidelity f or women has always been the fear of their significant other having emotionally significant relationships with their mistresses. Women have shown that they are more likely to forgive an affair if it is based solely on sex. The possibility of emotional intimacy with a mistress is one of the most devastating fears a wife can have. This is why one night stands with prostitutes or escorts tend to be less threatening to wives than relationships with parties that both the husband and wife are familiar with.
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Infidelity in Marriage – Rebuilding the Trust You Once Had

The problem with infidelity in marriage is that getting over the betrayal and rebuilding trust takes a long time and a great deal of work and effort. Once you've come to the realization that a part of your marriage was a lie, it's hard to know what is real again.

You may feel bad about yourself for having faith in and trusting your cheating spouse. You can't believe that you fell for all their absurd lies. You should have known, been able to spot the lies when they first occurred. Don't beat yourself up! Anyone can be deceived by a good liar (even law enforcement officials), don't always get it right when it comes to spotting a lie. You may feel hopeless and scared, plagued by doubts. How do you know they are telling you the truth this time?

In the aftermath of the marital affair, you may want to rebuild the trust with your spouse and save your relationship. But in your heart you want some solid proof that your cheating spouse is no longer lying to you about the affair. If you must know for sure, there are a couple of options open to you. For some people these may seem a bit extreme, but if you feel a compellingly strong need for proof these might work.

Request the cheating spouse take a polygraph test

The test can be an accurate measure for the majority of people who take it. The test itself is said to have a 60-70% success rate. Only you can decide if it's worth it. On the upside though, your cheating spouse may decide to come clean rather than submit to a polygraph test.

Professional specialized lie detector training

This option is a lot more expensive than a polygraph test. It's the same kind of training that people who work in the intelligence field receive. Keep in mind that the majority of people do not always know for sure when someone is lying. It must be stressed that only you can decide if getting to the truth is worth it.

It's not easy to rebuild a relationship that has been devastated by lies and untruth. In order to get past the infidelity in marriage, you need to create a new foundation of trust, one stone at a time. True, you've been hurt so deeply that you just can't seem to let go and trust again. But if you want to save your relationship, at some point you will have to trust that your spouse is not lying to you.

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Emotional Infidelity In Marriage

Do you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you? Do you have an innermost fear that somewhere, something is going on that just doesn't feel right? Do you spend sleepless nights wondering if your spouse has a soft corner for their colleague at work or whether they are just platonic friends?

Welcome to the world of emotional infidelity, where everything is just not black and white.

Emotional infidelity is different from physical infidelity in the sense your spouse isn't engaged in a sexual relationship with the other person- but that doesn't mean, it will be so for the long run.
Studies indicate that emotional infidelity in marriage can be just as devastating as physical infidelity.

Here are a few signs of emotional infidelity:

1. Withdrawal: Your spouse has been withdrawing from you both emotionally and physically. This may be a classic sign that your spouse is emotionally involved with another person.

2. Spending Less Time: If your spouse has been spending less time with you and your family and more time away from you in office, or on the phone or in front of the computer, this may be another sign of emotional infidelity.

3. Guilt: Signs of guilt are not uncommon since they know very well that what they are doing is wrong. So if you partner is being excessively kind or angry at you, it may just be the guilt that is troubling them,

4. Conversa tions circling around their new friend: If they try to include their new friend into every aspect of conversation, it may be a clear indicator if an emotional affair.

What's next: Once you discover that your partner has been emotionally drawn towards another person, it is time for you to sit down and have an open conversation. You may still be able to save your marriage.

Other options to consider are to visit a therapist so that you both can openly discuss your problems with a trained professional if you feel that you may run the danger of pointing fingers at each other.
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How to Handle Emotional Infidelity in Marriage - Steps to Rebuild the Relationship

The subject of emotional infidelity in marriage is a tricky one. Many people side with the idea that unless you've consummated the affair, it's not really an affair at all. Other people firmly believe that if your partner has developed strong feelings for another person that infidelity is occurring. It's easy to see where you'd sit on the issue if it was happening to you. When the person you love connects on an emotional level with another person, it leaves you feeling confused and alone. It doesn't have to be the end of your marriage though. The way you handle this situation will dictate whether or not you can move forward in your marriage and work on rebuilding it.

When you are considering how to handle emotional infidelity in marriage you have to talk about the other person and their role in your lives. If you and your spouse have agreed that rebuilding your marriage is the priority, the emotional affair has to stop. All contact with the other person should be avoided. A clean break must be made. Unless this occurs, trying to work on saving the relationship is fruitless.

You two need to discuss what led to the emotional affair. If you both were happy and satisfied in your relationship, it never would have occurred. You're going to need to have a series of frank and open discussions about where your marriage is now and where you hope it will go. It's wise to not try and place blame for the affair. Sometimes the person who was cheated on will dissolve themselves of all responsibility because they weren't the ones seeking out someone else. The person who did strike up the affair may try and point the finger of blame at their spouse saying they had to find emotional support with another because they were neglected or ignored. It takes two to make the marriage work and it also takes two to contribute to its destruction. If you two can work on finding out why it happened without blaming one another, you'll stand a fighting chance of staying together.

Just as trust needs to be rebuilt after a physical affair, it does in the case of an emotional affair too. The person who engaged in the affair has to be willing to make their life an open book. They need to be transparent with everything they do and also they have to be willing to answer the tough questions when their partner starts feeling suspicious. On the other side of the equation the person who was cheated on needs to be open to trusting again. They have to give their partner some breathing room when they've shown that they can be trusted. Trust takes two to build so you need to work together, hand-in-hand to make it happen.

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Infidelity in Marriage - How to Cope with the Pain of Infidelity

Dealing with Infidelity in Marriage can be rough. If you think your hubby is acting strange and unloving, you aren't any different from the rest of us. Women are always asking themselves 'can my husband love me again' but what they don't realize is that they can almost always ensure that he does!

Sure, it's not always your fault if your husband stops caring but sometimes you can be as guilty of damaging your marriage as he is. So the first thing you need to do is to have an open and honest discussion with your other half. Starting a dialogue is the first step to solving a problem.

For the unlucky lot whose husbands are having an affair or flirting around, you need to ask whether you want to give your marriage another chance. There's very little point hanging around in a loveless marriage and it doesn't help anyone but if you decide to continue, you are definitely going to have to work on renewing your love. Infidelity in marriages can be a real heart ache. If you are the one who strayed and your hubby forgave you, you need to take few initiatives. Merely thinking can my husband love me again is not the way to go. Make him feel loved, let him realize that it was worth it to give your marriage another try.

If you can't solve the problem, then go to a therapist. Couples therapy does help and you need all the help you can get. Be committed but remember you're not the only one facing this situation. Both of you have to want to make the marriage successful. You can't be the only one adjusting/sacrificing because that's not the way it works. Don't be clingy and over possessive but stake your claim to what you deserve- your husband's affections. If all goes well for you you need not wonder 'can my husband love me again'. He surely will.

Tyler Anderson is a PHD in psychology and marital related issues. With over 30 years experience he knows whats best for you. Stop suffering, start living. Dealing with divorce and infidelity in marriage can be easily tackled. Learn more on how to get your ex back here.

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Dealing With Infidelity in Marriage – How to Reconnect with Your Spouse Again

Dealing with infidelity in marriage isn't always an easy process. When the cheating is ultimately revealed, the bond between the couple is going to be strained at best. There are all kinds of emotions being felt and it can leave the partners feeling miles apart both emotionally and physically. Many couples come through this type of event to go on to rebuild their relationship so it's stronger than it ever was. That obviously takes a great deal of commitment and hard work but for a couple intent on staying together and making their relationship thrive, it's more than worth any effort it takes.

When you're dealing with infidelity in marriage you have to have realistic expectations. If you were the spouse who was unfaithful you can't expect your partner to forgive you straight away. Adultery is a serious betrayal and it takes time to move past it. You both have to work in tandem to do that and it involves a great deal of frank and honest discussion. Talk to each other about what happened and why it happened. The marriage had weaknesses before the affair. That's obvious or the infidelity would never have occurred. You need to address both the actual cheating itself and what lead up to it.

One common mistake that is made when a couple is trying to put an affair behind them is contact with the other person continues. If your spouse was unfaithful you must insist that they remove the person they cheated with from their lives completely. If any sort of contact is still there in the form of emails or an occasional phone call, that's undermining the work that you two are trying to do in terms of rebuilding your marriage. There should be no exceptions when it comes to this. Be insistent on it. It's the only way your relationship has a chance.

It's not uncommon for couples to come through the experience of an affair stronger and more committed to each other. That's because a person's priorities often shift when they realize they are on the cusp of losing their marriage and family. Whatever has been important in your life up to this point needs to be re-evaluated. That's true for both partners. You have to put each other before everything else if you want to deal with the infidelity in the most effective way. Make a point of becoming each other's best friend and life partner again. Focus as much time and attention as you can on that. You'll not only be saving your marriage but you'll be rediscovering the person you fell in love with all over again.

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Surviving Infidelity In Marriage - Top 3 Signs Of Cheating You May Have Overlooked

It is never easysurviving infidelity in marriage. Even after you have 'dealt' with your husband's infidelity, it doesn't mean that he will not cheat on you again. Many times, it is because of these 3 signs of cheating you may have overlooked that allows your husband to continue his cheating ways.

Sign #1: Changes in his schedule

This may be one of the most obvious and most difficult signs to spot. There are plenty of reasons to back up his change in schedule. It might be due to change in shift at work or if his job requires plenty of travelling.

It is his and also your responsibility to make sure that he is transparent about his schedule. What you can do, is to let him know that you need him to be CONSTANTLY transparent about his schedule for you to trust him.

He may not like the idea of being transparent about his schedule, but I want you to know that you are entitled to know his every move because he is the one who cheated on you and he has to put in effort to gain back your trust.

Sign #2: He showers you with presents

You have to be very observant at this point in time. Yes, it is necessary. Because, aftersurviving infidelity in marriage, your husband might have changed for the better and you both seem to communicate very well and are very loving towards each other.

However, take note of the changes in his behaviour. For example, is he over-easy with agreeing with you? Or is he randomly giving you gifts and flowers?

These are very sweet actions which you should appreciate but at the same time, do not let down your guard. Sometimes when we are pampered with such love and attention, we tend to overlook some of the signs of infidelity.

So what I am trying to say is, appreciate his efforts in being nice but at the same time, do not let your guard down.

Sign #3: Changes in his enthusiasm in the bedroom

This, in my opinion, is the most difficult sign to pick out. I mean, we are all thankful for amazing sex but it could also be your man trying to overcompensate to throw you off the trail.

Enjoy the amazing sex, but do not be bewitched by his love-making skills and overlook signs of having an affair like clearing his browser history, looking over his back when you are around, etc. After all, you do not want to be surviving infidelity in marriage all over again.

These are just 3 signs of infidelity are just some of the most common ones you can pick out if your husband is cheating on you. I want you to know that you are entitled to know details of your husband's activities and him, being the one that cheated, needs to be the one putting in more effort to make sure that your marriage is able tosurvive an affair.

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Surviving Infidelity in Marriage - 3 Simple Tips For Beating Depression Without Prescription Drugs

There is nothing wrong with feeling depressed after you discover infidelity in your marriage. It is natural to feel betrayed, depressed, all other emotions. Still, what I know about surviving infidelity in marriage, is that you must find ways for coping and beating depression without prescription drugs - so you can speak rationally and appropriately to your partner instead of pushing them further away, with your overwhelming emotions. Here are 3 simple tips I've used and recommend...

1. Get some exercise - even a slow walk helps ease your pain.

You're probably tired of feeling lethargic, listless and crying all the time. So, the best thing you can do is ask someone to take a slow walk with you. It doesn't have to be a long walk. But do your best to pick a peaceful, quiet place where you feel safe. If you feel your emotions well up inside? Just keep walking. Take one step at a time. It's all you can do and it's enough.

2. Quiet your mind and ignore those mental demons. Meditate.

Have you been trying to keep your mind from thinking negative thoughts? It's simpler than you think. But it does require some practice and discipline and a willingness to try and try again. Close your eyes. Sit still (Yes, the first few times are scary, but remember you can open your eyes anytime and try again.). Focus on your breath. Pay attention to it. If a thought comes up, let it pass. Keep focusing on your breathing. In, out, in, out, in, out. Don't react to the thoughts that pop out. Just concentrate on your breathing. This takes practice but I guarantee you it helps lift your mood more and more as you practice it.

3. Avoid drinking alcohol - it only harms your body and prevents you from successfully overcoming depressing feelings.

Did you know? Alcohol is a depressant and is toxic to your body. How can your body help you beat depression if you're feeding it ingredients that cause depression? There are other ways to reclaim your power over depressing thoughts. Don't allow them to torture you anymore. Use tips 1 and 2 above to work through the pain. I know you can do it.

Get some exercise (take a walk), tame your mind (meditate) and avoid alcohol. These are three simple tips you can use right now to beat depression after experiencing infidelity in marriage. Having a partner cheat on you is known as having an extreme crisis in marriage. My best advice is to seek professional help from those experienced in helping others cope with infidelity and save their marriage.

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