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Printable Calendar for May

The printable calendar is ready for May! The page has the month at a glance, plus the following sections to write in:
  • To Do's - Things you need to do today
  • Hope To Do's - Additional things you'd like to do if time permits
  • Prayer Requests 
  • Reminders 
  • Bible Reading - What you plan to read in the Bible or a verse that comes to mind
  • Groceries
  • Thinking Ahead - Goals or future commitments
  • People to Call
Each page is intended for daily use, therefore I'd recommend printing off several at a time.

And if you haven't checked it out yet, take a look at my weekly housekeeping schedule. It's a great way to get the house clean and keep it looking that way!

If you would like to view or download the printable,
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How to Build a Long-Lasting Yoke ~ And a Titus 2sday Link Up!

When he spends eight hours
tearing down and building a fence,
it’s like I do, too...
I just love the one flesh concept!
 ~ Ree, aka The Pioneer Woman

In Mark 10 verse nine, Jesus says, “What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.” The word "asunder" here means to divide or come between.

Certainly we understand that people shouldn’t come between a husband and wife, but do we stop to consider the gravity of the separations we cause? Any number of things can come between a husband and wife such as pride, selfishness, anger, lust, bitterness, deceit, and greed. When left to fester they further separate a man from the love of his wife.

God didn’t intend for married people to live as though they were still single, but rather that they would embrace the partnership of marriage which unites men and women as one.

And the two will become one flesh.
So they are no longer two, but one flesh..
~ Mark 10:8, NIV
Looking again at verse nine, we see the word “joined.” The Greek word for joined is syzeugnymi, meaning “to fasten to one yoke.”

In order to harness the power of oxen, farmers have been using wooden beams, known as yokes, to pair the oxen together. Not only does it give them twice the strength that one ox would, but it’s designed to keep the pair from going their separate ways.

How does one go about building this yoke?

“The oxen are going to be completely dependent on this piece of equipment throughout their work. If it breaks, it could endanger the people with the oxen and the oxen themselves. It will be under great stress when the oxen are full grown, weighing perhaps a ton each, and are pulling with all their strength on this yoke. So it is definitely worth the trouble to make it in the best possible way.” (International Society for Cow Protection)

In the same way the yoke that we have as a couple is an essential part of keeping our family together. That warning resonates with me, as I consider the potential pain we can cause should our yoke come apart. The minute that we let anyone or anything come between us, we are weakening that bond of unity that’s ordained by God.

So how do we avoid separation, and keep the unity in tact? We work to do this in a number of ways, all of which have to do with patience, understanding, kindness, and all things pertaining to Godly love.
  • Give up your pride and make the first move toward reconciliation, even if it feels like you’re always the one making peace. This doesn’t mean that you’re weak. Humility is a sign of strength.

  • Put away all selfishness and consider the desires of your family. Prioritize them over a desire to please yourself.

  • Control your anger. Every word that you say and every temper tantrum you have can be controlled. Choose your words and actions wisely.

  • Avoid lust at all costs. Don’t put yourself in a position where you are vulnerable to men or which you may cause them to lust.

  • Be willing to give up your time for family time. Of course it’s good to have both, but ensure that you keep a healthy balance, don’t let the scale tip.

  • Give up the desire to be lazy. If your house is messy tidy it up before sitting on the phone with a friend. If your idea of a healthy meal is a burger and fries, then take a little extra time to shop for wholesome ingredients so that you’re taking care of the physical needs of your family.
Remember, there are times when your yoke will come under great stress. So it’s definitely worth your trouble to build it in the best possible way!

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Virtue of Self-Control

When we think of virtuous women we often picture them as being loving, generous and kind; women who reach their hand out to the poor, lead their children in faith, and provide food for their family. What I tend to overlook when examining the lives of virtuous women is that they also exhibit a high level of self-control.

Reading Proverbs 31 with that in mind, I can't help but notice that, She riseth also while it is yet night, and giveth meat to her household. (v. 15).

I'm not a morning person so I can't begin to tell you just how impressed I am with that! I'm sure if I was sitting down to have tea with her I'd ask, "What? You get up at what time?!"

Getting up is one thing, but what we're really talking about here is the virtue of self-control. We're all a work-in-progress as we strive to put will over want. Whether it be appetite, over-spending, laziness or losing our temper, we all benefit when we exercise the virtue of self-control.
For this very reason, make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness, knowledge; and to knowledge, self-control; and to self-control, perseverance; and to perseverance, godliness; and to godliness, mutual affection; and to mutual affection, love. ~ 2 Peter 1:5-7, NIV
Notice that word in the verse above? Effort. I have good intentions, in fact if good intentions were one dollar bills I'd be a bazillionaire, but I have to say that intentions haven't been enough to make a difference in my life. If we want to kick up our lives a notch, we must be willing to put in the effort to exercise self-control.

If you value a clean home, do the leg work it takes to get there. If you value your faith, then nurture that faith by opening your Bible more often and taking time out to pray. If you value your marriage, actively work on your relationship.

Whatever it is that you're struggling with, make every effort to be self-controlled. That's when you'll notice results!

You are loved by an almighty God,


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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Is This Love? Teen Tips for Romance and Dating

Love can take you to new highs -- and new lows. You may have the strongest feelings of your life, which is great when things are good. But if things go bad, it’s devastating. Here are six dating tips to help you keep your head during this exciting time.

Dating Tip 1: Take Your Time

Some teens date, some don’t. “Girls need to feel good about themselves before they start to date,” says Charles Wibbelsman, MD, chief of adolescent medicine at Kaiser Permanente in San Francisco. His advice: only date if you know yourself and know you want to date. If you’re not ready, it’s cool to stay single and hang out with your close friends.

Dating Tip 2: Find Someone Who Likes You Back

Feelings that aren’t returned can make you question everything about yourself. Did you say something wrong? Were you wearing the wrong things? In a healthy relationship, the feelings are mutual. You respect each other and have fun together. If this doesn’t describe your situation, there’s nothing wrong with you, but you probably do need to keep looking.

Dating Tip 3: Know When to Move On

Sometimes you have to admit it, the relationship isn’t working. Maybe the love of your life has turned mean and selfish. Maybe you realize you want something better. “If a boyfriend doesn’t give you what you need, walk away,” says Danielle Greaves, MSW, who works with girls at The Guidance Center in Cambridge, Mass. She tells girls all the time, “It hurts now, but you can get through this.”

Dating Tip 4: Talk About Facebook Before You Talk on Facebook

Social media puts the ups and downs of dating out there for everyone to see. If you like a guy or he likes you, it’s perfectly OK to ask him not to post things about you online, including pictures. Some things don’t have to be shared with the whole world.

Dating Tip 5: Protect Yourself From Pressure

Pressure is not love, and it’s not even normal. Most teens say they’ve never felt pressured to be in a relationship before they were ready. Still, a little mental preparation never hurts. Decide ahead of time what your values are and how far you want to go. That way, you won’t have to figure it out in the heat of the moment.

Here are a few concrete things you can do to keep yourself out of the pressure chamber:

Avoid situations where a guy might expect more than you want to give.  
Go out with boys close to your age. Girls who go out with older guys are more likely to have sex before they’re ready.

Dating Tip 6: Give Love Time to Grow

Sometimes the idea of love is better than love itself. How do you know if you’re really in love?

If you’re infatuated, need constant reassurance, and have trouble thinking about anything else, these are signs you’re not really in love. It’s fun for now, but in time you’ll probably feel disappointed.  

Mature love grows stronger with time. The more you get to know each other, the stronger your feelings. And you don’t have to be someone you’re not. You like each other for who you truly are. If you’re like most people, finding mature love takes more than one try, but it’s definitely worth it.Source:webmd

Attract the man or woman you want by sending out signals

This is the language where you don't need any words. Women have been doing it for hundreds of years to attract the man they want. Becoming fluent in body language will ensure that you will be skilled in attracting the right man and sending the get lost signal to the wrong man.

Eyeing Up the Prize

The more eye contact you establish with the target the better. Start with some sidelong glances. Then, begin with direct eye contact. Once he turns to meet your gaze, immediately lower your eyes and smile to yourself. This will tell him that you were watching him and are embarrassed that he caught you -- a sure sign of interest. Next, be bold and try holding his stare and flash a smile.

If there is a man that is giving you the eye and you are not interested, look away from him and don't look back at him again. While having a conversation, looking at the ceiling and around the room also shows a definite lack of interest.

First Impressions Count

You leave your home ready to go to a party when you spot your gorgeous neighbor and he doesn't give you a second glance. Why? Because you aren't dressed your best. When you enter a room, most people look to see who has come in. This is when you have to make an impression. Looking your best will make you feel your best. So make sure that before you leave your front door, look your best. You never know. You just might just attract the attention of that gorgeous neighbor.

The Hand Job (no, not what you are thinking!)

Even without direct contact, your hands can send very powerful messages. There are a number of ways to convey that you want to get to know someone. Keeping your hands unclenched shows you're open to him. Using your hands to caress objects, such as the rim of your glass, locks of your hair, or the sleeve of your blouse in a rhythmic (as opposed to fidgety) manner, can be a sensual act. And for the brave, try picking fluff off his jacket, touching him to punctuate a point, or using the "accidental touch" when reaching for the salt.

Hands jammed in pockets, cleaning eyeglasses or balled in tight fists are all bad signs. Finger tapping, drumming, pointing or wagging are also signals to move on.

Stand Out

Your posture is one of the most telling signals you transmit. An open posture is evidence of an open person. Turning your body toward the man you're conversing with, keeping your feet flat on the floor and leaning forward are actions that show interest. Also, slightly tilting your head, crossing and uncrossing your legs and thrusting your chest forward give the message that you are interested.

Crossing your arms, holding a drink high in front of you, turning your body away or resting your feet on their toes will tell a person you are not interested
More about dating tips here

Online Dating Rules

Always let them come to you, don't chase them via email.
Block anyone who annoys you instantly.
Post the best and most vampish photo you can find.
Don't reply to instant messages with clever opening lines.
Remain aloof and let yourself be chased.
Always reply to emails at least 3 days after receipt.
Never provide your real email or phone details.
Always date safely and protect yourself at every turn.
Make sure your login name is stunning and sexy, as well as enigmatic.
Do not login for hours on end. Short, rapid visits are best.
Do not assume the person you are talking to is destitute or sad.
Never ever reply to emails on weekends. Wait until a weekday.
Never state how good your sexual performance is in your profile.
If you don't want to date married men, spell it out in your profile.
A man who doesn't reply to your email within 3 days should be ignored.
Make sure your humor levels come across in text.
Do not chat to hundreds of men at once. The delay in replying is a dead giveaway and your Mr. Right will be off.
Don't even think about misrepresenting your size or description. They will find out.
Come across as cool and sophisticated for best results
Ladies, always remember that you are a sexy, desirable woman and the world is your oyster. Always let men do the chasing and always allow yourself to be the chooser. Always stay safe and never risk yourself for the sake of attending a date. Always use a safe dating Website

If you don`t like your nose choose rhinoplasty

Nose surgery or rhinoplasty or nose reshaping is a form of plastic surgery performed to reshape the nose. The best way to describe the process is to show rhinoplasty being done. So here’s a video of an American plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, California performing a nose job operation or rhinosplasty. It is an actual operation though so it may not be advised to watch it while eating your breakfast

A rhinoplasty procedure is a good option for you if:
Your facial growth is complete and you are 13 years of age or older
You are physically healthy
You do not smoke
You have specific, but realistic goals in mind for the improvement of your appearance

Diet for you,if you`re pregnant

The food that we eat daily differs a great deal with the food that women with pregnancy have to take because it directly affects the health of baby inside. So much care should be taken regarding the food that is taken at the time of pregnancy and the diet should contain more vitamins and nutrients that make the baby inside healthy. One of the best practices is to take a multivitamin daily. Regular health checkup and proper diet keeps mother and the child safe and healthy.

In this article I want to give some suggestions on diet that every pregnant woman can take.

Fruits and vegetables: These are the well known source of best diet anytime. Women with pregnancy can take 3 or 4 times fruits and vegetables. These contain abundant C vitamin which helps very much in developing gums and other tissues. C vitamin is rich in melons, oranges, papaya, tomatoes, cabbage etc. Fruits and vegetables contain iron and pulp that adds strength to the baby as well as the mother and also a rich source of vitamins.

Milk and milk products: Its always preferable to take dairy products that are having low fat like non-fat milk or milk with less fats, yogurt because these are rich in Vitamin A, D and B. It is also good to take cheese which contains calcium but it should be taken in fewer amounts because it contains fats. Dairy products develop disease resistance and helps in growth.

Non vegetarian products: Women with pregnancy can take cooked meat, poultry, eggs, fish 2 or 3 times a day but in limited quantities. It’s better not to take shark, tilefish, swordfish, dolphin which have large levels of mercury. The food should be cooked properly otherwise it may create some sickness. All these non vegetarian foods are rich in proteins and are very much helpful in growth and acts as building blocks of body. Proteins also build enzymes, hormones and antibodies against several diseases. For a fast growing of baby inside the mother’s womb proteins help very much. Non vegetarian foods also contain Vitamin B and iron which are very important in the development of red blood cells.

Water: Pregnancy women should take as much water as possible as it plays a crucial role during pregnancy. It is the main carrier of food to the baby and it prevents the baby from constipation, excessive swelling and other bladder infections. It prevents the baby from dehydration. Intake of less water is one of the reasons for early labor. Pregnant women can also take juices as source of water but they should have sufficient amount of water like watermelon, oranges etc.

Power of red lipstick

For me, red lipstick will always be associated with a particular woman – Jill, the charismatic, clever and fearless linchpin of our office, whose scarlet lips signalled like a red flag that she was in charge.
Everything about Jill was graceful and confident: from her sophisticated wardrobe, to her opinionated views and crimson Chanel pout – she was everything I wanted to be. Inspired by her potent combination of cosmetics and confidence, I set about experimenting with the bold lips that she was never without, and myself and others had always deemed me too shy to wear.
I armed myself with a rich, creamy red lipstick, the kind that slips on like satin and sets like velvet.
Although it wasn't instant, with time and practice, simple sweeps of vibrant colour helped erase years of self-doubt and bestowed my lips and confidence with the characteristics that set me on my way to becoming what I considered 'that kind of woman'.
However, I've realised that, even now, it's unclear what kind of woman actuallydoes wear red lipstick. The cosmetic itself is rife with associations (some flattering, others considerably less so), and she who dares to wear red lipstick welcomes the gamut of assumptions about her character.
For centuries, red lips have largely been seen as a stamp of immorality. In more God-fearing medieval times, it was believed that creating a plump, sexualised mouth would earn you a fast-track ticket to hell.
Several hundred years later, Parliament passed a law condemning lipstick, considering it a sign of witchcraft.
To confuse further our feelings about the cosmetic, there have been large stretches in history that were entire pro-red lippie.
The Sumerians invented the stuff (just 200 miles outside Babylon), and Egyptian women fully embraced deepening one's lip colour, going as far as to make sure they were buried with pots of rouge.
Perhaps most famously, Queen Elizabeth I, known for her piercing red lips, elevated the shade into something regal, instead of seedy.
It wasn't until the Golden Age of Hollywood, with its Technicolor films and glamorous studio portraits, that red lipstick came to be considered widely acceptable – even aspirational. Consider Jean Harlow's pointed red pout in the 1930s, Veronica Lake's in the 1940s and Marilyn Monroe's in the 1950s.
None of these actresses was known for playing the girlish ingénue. They were women with overtly feminine power. They were knowing.
The lure of looking feminine but remaining powerful was such a glorious notion, it's little wonder women started to use red lipstick as a tool to communicate their own self-possession.
'Red lipstick is a source of strength,' says Poppy King, creator of Lipstick Queen.
'You put it on and suddenly you feel more capable than you did without it.'
Debbie Harry asserted herself in the boys' club that was the New York City punk scene with talent and red lipstick. Gwen Stefani is rarely without her signature crimson pout. And shy Heather Sweet from Michigan probably wouldn't have made the same cultural impact as Dita Von Teese if it weren't for her red lipstick.
If some of the world's most intelligent and charismatic women are using red lipstick for all it's worth, it begs the question – why do so many women avoid it?
If red lipstick is a sign of self-assurance, our collective confidence must be coming on in leaps and bounds. On the small screen, we've elevated Mad Men's office vixen Joan Holloway into an unlikely style icon. Hardly a slip of a woman, she wears red lipstick and a quiet confidence, to boot.
'It's a show of female strength,' says King. 'Look at where we are at the moment: some think this economic mess we're in is men's fault. So it's as if subconsciously, we're feeling entirely justified in going back to the way we women do things.'
Even the act of applying red lipstick is empowering. By dressing your lips in red, it draws people's attention to you, especially your mouth, and subsequently, the words that come out of it.
'It's a symbol of prowess,' says King. Unlike other cosmetics, many of which correct or camouflage something we don't like about ourselves, red lipstick is about assertion.
'When I cajole a red-lipstick virgin into wearing it, they often say they feel like they could do anything now,' says King.
'One customer said she put it on before giving birth because it made her feel strong.'
That's the thing about red lipstick – it's a beautiful case of chicken and egg. It may require confidence to wear, but confidence can actually be a result of putting on red lipstick – and no one needs to know which comes first.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ezer Kenegdo - A Help Meet

As many of you know, the title of my book is The Good Wife's Guide: Embracing Your Role as a Help Meet. A few readers have kindly approached me to point out that the subtitle might have a typo.

"Shouldn't the word be help mate?" They ask. And as much as I like the word "mate," the answer is "no." It's actually not a typo it's a biblical term found in Genesis chapter two:
"And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him." ~ Genesis 2:18, KJV
So what exactly is a help meet? She is his "ezer kenegdo."

Looking to the Hebrew text we see the word `ezer (Strong's H5828) which means, a helper or an aid and the second part of the word "meet" is 'kenegdo,' meaning suitable.

What's interesting to note is that the same word is found several times throughout the Old Testament when describing God as our helper.
Ye that fear the LORD, trust in the LORD: he [is] their help and their shield. ~ Psalm 115:11
But the incredibly interesting part about this is that in nearly every reference where this term is used, God is coming to the rescue where He protects His people and defeats the enemy. 

Reading these passages I couldn't help but wonder if my purpose in being a help meet ran deeper than merely doing the dishes and folding his socks. Could it be that my purpose is to fight alongside my husband in battle? To pray for him, to encourage him in his walk of faith and to exemplify a strong faith of my own?

Don't get me wrong, Titus 2 calls me to encourage you to be a good keeper of your home, so don't put down the Swiffer Duster just yet! But being a good keeper of the home includes watching over the affairs of your family--in other words "guarding the castle from attack."

What I'm suggesting here is that we make a conscious effort to nurture our husbands spiritually through prayer and edification.

Suit up for battle by putting on the armor of God, so that you will be equipped to not only help him, but to help your children in their time of need.

The complete armor of God is found in Ephesians chapter six (and I hope you take time to read it) but here are two of the verses that particularly stand out to me as I consider the ways in which our families come under attack.
Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. (v.16)
Our husbands, our children, and we ourselves are constantly faced with negative messages. When we are standing strong in faith, we are prepared to quench each and every one with wisdom and strength from the Lord. This is why it's so important that we stand guard over our heart and those that we love.
Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints; (v.18)
You are loved by an almighty God,


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Monday, April 23, 2012

Love is a Gift - Not a Swap of Emotions - And a Titus 2sday Linkup!

My marriage is wonderful, and my husband is incredible, but let me also say that our relationship isn’t perfect—it takes work. There have been some rough patches and some days when he didn't seem all that "wonderful" to me, and I will venture to guess that he's felt the same way.

Love is like an oak tree that, when nurtured and watered, takes root. We have storms that leave us feeling confused and miserable, but we put effort into seeing them through, because both Michael and I know that with each passing season those roots are growing beyond what our senses observe.

Like most young couples, we started out eager yet unprepared. I was a young bride believing that love was give and take, and that a 50/50 partnership was ideal. As long as I was willing to meet Michael halfway on everything, we’d be just fine. But experience soon taught me that unless I was willing to give 100 percent of myself to this marriage, without expectation of return, my gift of love was little more than a swap of emotions.

Love is a gift, and if we hand over a gift with one hand open while the other is closed, the gift is lost in exchange. Marriage isn’t a barter system, and love isn’t a currency.
  • It’s exercising patience when your husband’s habits are grating on every one of your nerves
  • It’s kindness when your partner is grumpy
  • It’s being humble enough to lose an argument when you feel that you’re right
  • It’s holding your temper when he says something in anger
  • It’s protecting his reputation from your own tongue
  • It’s trusting in his capabilities to handle a difficult task
  • It’s standing strong in difficult times
The question then would be, Why are we planting seeds without an expectation of return?

The answer is because we aren't planting them for the sake of our husbands or for ourselves, we plant them for the sake of our Lord who loved us before we loved Him, and who gave His life freely while we were yet sinners. Love like that doesn't carry an expectation, but it does carry a hope.
Sow your seed in the morning, and at evening let your hands not be idle, for you do not know which will succeed, whether this or that, or whether both will do equally well.~ Ecclesiastes 11:6, NIV

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

When We're Not Getting the Attention We Need

Drawn from my archives

Like most other women I recognize love when my husbands pays attention to me. I love it when Michael walks through the door and straight into my arms. He does that every single day of the week. I also like it when he kisses me on the cheek and tucks me in before heading off to work in the wee hours of the morning. It’s his way of expressing his love.

If you’re not getting the desired attention you need from your husband, it’s likely that you’ll search out other ways to fill that space. Some women take to shopping thinking that more “things” will bring them peace. Others spend countless hours socializing on the net, or filling their face with food, and for some the unfortunate alternative is finding another man.
Each one is tempted when, by his own evil desire, he is dragged away and enticed. Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death. ~ James 1:14-15, (NIV)
That is a strong verse, but when we consider that only 63% of American children grow up with both biological parents1, it’s time to seek out a cure for this epidemic.

Remember the story of the Samaritan woman who came to draw water? It’s found in John chapter 4. While the disciples were out grocery shopping (yeah, they were grocery shopping—check it out), Jesus met a woman at the well, and asked her for a drink. He knew that this particular woman had a void inside her that led her to thirst for something more in her life. It moved her to return to the same proverbial well time and again hoping to fill her pain with something that would last—something that would quench her thirst, until finally He came offering an everlasting well of hope.

It’s possible that this void resulted in failed marriages time and again, since we know she had five. One can only guess, but we do know that the same Spirit of life in Christ Jesus is there for us too.

Earthly things can fill the void for a moment, maybe even a few years, but when we are quenched by the Spirit of comfort we’re satisfied from within. When one experiences a spiritual satisfaction there’s no longer a need return to the well time and again.

A bad marriage can feel like a spiritual vacuum at times, since weak relationships create that constant need to be filled. That’s a great thing when you enter into a deeper relationship with Christ. Not such a good thing when we run into the arms of another man.

We’re complicated beings, aren’t we? The simple solution is to replace our wants with His (more of you, Lord—less of me), and in doing so we enrich our marriage. Because God has ordained wives to be ministers in our home, the love of God becomes a strong foundation on which to rebuild.

It’s one thing to stick to a marriage because you feel that it’s your duty as a wife and mother, but it’s an entirely better thing when we purpose to add virtue to our lives.
Flee the evil desires of youth, and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart. ~ 2 Timothy 2:22, (NIV)
A noble woman is an attractive force, ladies. I know it, you know it, and so do our husbands. Put God first in your life, seek righteousness in all that you do, and let He who offers an everlasting well of hope become your all-in all!

1National Marriage Project at Rutgers University.

You are loved by an almighty God,


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Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Five! Books, Breakfast & Biblical Homemaking

It's time for "Friday Five," and here are five of my favorites from around the web. Enjoy!

1. Favorite Books to Read Aloud - Grace Full Mama

Grace Full Mama shares a list of books that have captivated everyone in her family, oldest to youngest. I noticed some classics in there that I myself loved as a child!

2. Breakfast Party Ideas - The Creationz Studio

Up until this week I didn't realize that breakfast had the potential to be beautiful. Sure I've seen waffles with whip cream before, but cute appetizers? Not until now. My friend Melissa told me to look up a recipe for ham and egg cups, and that's when I came across a post with five breakfast party ideas! I've already picked up sliced ham and some eggs. I can't wait to make mine!

Image Source: Modern Mom

3. Why Women Should Respect Men - Stay at Home Daughter

Stay-at-Home Daughter writes, "There is a disease spreading across America like a cancer. It’s infecting our lives, our churches, our homes. It’s an illness that is creeping in subtly with symptoms that seem harmless and innocent at first but if not treated quickly and aggressively will lead to much destruction and loss. A blatant disrespect of men..." Read the rest of the post at her blog.

4. Mandy Ballard - Biblical Homemaking

Since I started writing with Roo Magazine this year I've gotten to know some incredible bloggers. One of those bloggers is the talented and adorable Mandy Ballard. I like fashion and I LOVE home decor, which is what originally drew me onto her site.

Her home is incredible, which is why I find myself stalking her blog some nights! And if you like home decorating, you will love the "Before and After," posts like the one where she painted her couch.

5. The Best Job in the World

This video's been popping up all over the web this week. Take two minutes to watch it and you'll see why!!

You are loved by an almighty God,


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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sin Today - Salvation Tomorrow?

Drawn from my archives

I received a question from a reader that recently had a discussion with a friend of hers about sin. This friend had been having an affair with a married man for some time now, but because of his faith—and advice from his pastor—he decided to break things off with her.

There were a lot of details that I won’t go into, but what I will do is address the question that was at the root of the letter. That question is this, “If God forgives us for everything, how come we can’t be together and make it right with God?”

That’s a good question. Why can’t we sin today and ask for forgiveness tomorrow?

We don’t always understand why God doesn't give us the things we desire, but the bottom line is that we don’t have to understand. God's wisdom exceeds ours, and we are called to accept that. This is what’s known as giving up our will for His.

The minute that we start to question God's wisdom and say things like, "MY God is compassionate, he wants me to be happy and understands that I have to be with this man..." Then we are taking the true image of God--according to His wisdom laid out in scripture--and forming it into a golden calf that we can worship.

It's so much easier to worship something that molds to our idea of what God should be.

We aren't called to walk an easy life. In fact this very thing might be a test that asks, "Are you willing to give up your life for mine?" That's what we're called to do.

When Abraham was asked to sacrifice Isaac, he didn't say, "MY God wouldn't want me to harm this child, MY God is compassionate." He was willing to give up anything and everything he loved without having to understand why. It was counted to him for faith.

Christians live by faith. Taking up our cross daily means that we are fighting a constant battle against the flesh so that the Spirit will win. That's what walking in the Spirit is.

The flesh isn't merely our skin. It represents our human nature along with our passions and desires.

For they that are after the flesh do
mind the things of the flesh; but they
that are after the Spirit the things
of the Spirit.
~ Romans 8:5, KJV

But when we’re in love with someone or something, everything in our body is telling us that this is right--that this can’t be wrong or we wouldn’t feel this way. That’s where we err. The heart is deceitful above all things, therefore we need to keep our eyes fixed on the Lord at all times and ignore the passions that the heart is longing for. Even temptation this great will eventually flee.

But the root of the question was this:

“If God forgives us for everything, how come we can’t be together and make it right with God?”

I'm going to share a verse that I shared with another lady about a week ago, because it's an incredible piece of scripture that addresses this issue.

And the LORD said unto Cain, Why art
thou wroth? And why is thy countenance
fallen? If thou doest well, shalt thou
not be accepted? And if thou doest
not well, sin lieth at the door. And
unto thee shall be his desire, and
thou shalt rule over him.
~ Genesis 4:6-7, KJV

God was giving Cain a warning here, saying “If you do good, you will be accepted, but if you don't do well, sin will rule over you.”

Choosing to follow your sin puts you in a dangerous place where Satan has a foothold. It opens a door for something potentially worse--much worse.

Cain eventually killed his brother, which shows us the power that sin has to drag us deeper into the pit of death.

This verse explains it well:

 But each person is tempted when they
are dragged away by their own evil
desire and enticed. Then, after desire
has conceived, it gives birth to sin;
and sin, when it is full-grown,
gives birth to death.
~ James 1:14-15, KJV

I experienced that living death, and it was a dark, cold feeling of separation from God unlike anything I've experienced in my life. It's only by His grace that I have recovered. Nothing--and I mean NOTHING--on this earth is worth giving up for the sake of our faith.

You are loved by an almighty God,


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The Spring Blessing Blowout Giveaway!

Sorry, This Giveaway is Over. 

The first buds of the year are blooming, grass is getting greener by the day, and temperatures are on the rise.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Giveaway Extravaganza!

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Congratulations to Entry #3921 Jen F.

Since so many of the online giveaways are expecting participants to either have Twitter or Facebook, I've decided that this giveaway is for subscribers only! Why?
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Monday, April 16, 2012

The Power of Humility - And a Titus 2sday Link Up!

In humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others. ~ Philippians 2:4, NIV
Humility is found in many forms such as modesty, meekness, humbleness, lowliness of mind, and submission. These are all things that go against our natural desire to excel  and be seen in this world. We are driven by a need to be right, to be in charge and to come first, and time and again, our flesh deceives us into thinking that settling for anything less is a sign of weakness.

Take a look at this quote from, it sums up why the Jews refused to accept Jesus as the Messiah:
The Jews rejected Jesus because He failed, in their eyes, to do what they expected their Messiah to do—destroy evil and all their enemies and establish an eternal kingdom with Israel as the preeminent nation in the world. The prophecies in Isaiah and Psalm 22 described a suffering Messiah who would be persecuted and killed, but they chose to focus instead on those prophecies that discussed His glorious victories, not His crucifixion. ~ Got Questions?org
They wanted a king, who would be triumphant over their enemies, but instead they saw a man who was oppressed and afflicted and brought as a lamb to the slaughter. They wanted strength, but what they found was a weak and broken man who refused to strike back.

It's amazing what people miss out on when they refuse to open their eyes. What they failed to see, is the same thing that many people fail to see today which is the incomparable power that humility holds.

Humility, submission, and lowliness of mind can only occur when the soul is triumphant over the flesh--when our desire to come first is put aside for the good of another. Or in the case of our Savior and Lord, His desire was put aside for the good of mankind.

Let's take a look at the following verses:
Therefore doth my Father love me, because I lay down my life, that I might take it again. No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This commandment have I received of my Father. ~ John 10:17-18, KJV
Do you see the power in those two verses? It's incredible! There wasn't a single moment during His life when Jesus was under the thumb of mankind. Every step that He took to the cross was a willful  and deliberate act of service to His Father.

In the same way, submission is a willful and deliberate act of service that we bring to the Lord. Our flesh wants nothing more than to be in control, to win every argument, and to put ourselves first. Those who exercise humility take up their cross daily by laying down the desire of the flesh for the good of another.

Did you notice the word I used there? Exercise. Just like athletes who are training for a race we must train ourselves to be patient, hold our tongue, give up our need to be right, and choose joy. The stronger we get the more power we have over the flesh.
Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. ~ Matthew 16:324, KJV
The next time you're told that submission is a step back for women, remember that every step that you take to the cross is a willful  and deliberate act of service God.

Today and every Tuesday, I want to invite bloggers to link-up any blog posts that will encourage women to joyfully live out their roles as wives and keepers of their homes I'm looking for posts on marriage, parenting, housekeeping, recipes, etc.

All you have to do is enter the direct link from your post into the linky tool below!

I'd also like to ask you to link back here with the Titus 2sday code (below) so that other bloggers can join in too!

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Friday Monday Five!

A certain blogger goofed up last week and forgot to bring you the "Friday Five!" How did I manage to forget that one?! It was probably due to the fact that I was busy with the kids and celebrating my birthday over the weekend. (Us "old" people tend to forget where we put the rememberer.)

Well I'm three days late, but I'd still love to share five of my favorite picks from around the web!

1. Rachel Wojnarowki - Faith. Family. Fun.

Rachel's a small town country girl who converted to living in the suburbs by way of life happening. She and her husband Matt are blessed with seven children. Woot! She's a wife, mom, stepmom, special needs mom, and an incredible blessing to read. I'd love to introduce you to Rachel by way of her blog:

2. Inspired Reads and Gospel eBooks

These websites share free and discounted Christian Kindle Books. I've had a look at some of the titles they carry and must say that they both have an awesome selection! Their content changes quickly so if you see a book that you like, grab it while you have the chance.

Don't have a Kindle? Amazon offers free reading apps for iPads, iPhones, and computers.

3. Far Above Rubies shares a post called, "True Modesty." I love what she has to share on the topic! 

This is a really cute site that I happened upon the other day. This crafter upcycles vintage jewelry, and she's so creative! I love the ideas she has. 

5. The Legacy of Home - When Television Was Special

Mrs. White writes about the old days when television promoted good family values and children gathered together with parents encouraged by genuine comedy in a time when vulgarity was unheard of. 

Reading her words I couldn't help but travel back to my own childhood; to those evenings I spent watching shows like Columbo or Carol Burnette with the family while munching on popcorn and Koolaid. Little did my parents know at the time, that they were creating fond memories of family time for us.
You are loved by an almighty God,


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Saturday, April 14, 2012

What to Wear on a Date?

What You Can Wear on a Date

Will it be love at first sight? Find out the dos and don'ts of dressing to impress on a date, and get expert tips on looking your best on a first date.
First dates offer a chance to meet someone who could potentially become your lover, boyfriend or (even) husband – no wonder it can be so difficult deciding what to wear! Make your first impression a positive one by captivating your date with a warm smile and fabulous style.

Personal Style

While style is important, ultimately you want your date to remember your sparkling eyes, luscious lips and glowing charisma – not your straight-off-the-mannequin overly trendy attire. Fashion is meant to complement your personality and enhance your features. If you take the time to develop your own style – into which you can tastefully incorporate seasonal trends – your date is more likely to get a better sense of who you are by how you dress. With that in mind, here are a few pointers for developing your own perfect date outfit:


Choose clothing in shades that enhance your complexion, eye- and hair color, and communicate with color by understanding the psychological messages colors send.

When it comes red, the color of love, singles coach Tonja Weimer warns against wearing fire-engine red in her article "How To Meet Guys: Six Secrets On Colors To Wear," and suggests wearing toned-down, less fiery shades such as crimson, oxblood or burgundy, which are more complimentary to most skin tones and less intimidating.

Weimer also tells women to avoid bright white unless you have tanned or brown skin, and very white teeth; otherwise, she advises wearing off-white that won't make your teeth look yellow.


You're likely to be a bit nervous on a date, so choose clothes that make you feel sexy and comfortable: break in new shoes well before your date, and make sure you can move with ease in skirts or dresses.

Sex Appeal

Always aim to look subtly sexy when dressing for a date. Don't risk looking trashy by wearing micro mini-skirts, cleavage-revealing tops, or skin-tight clothes. Respectable hemlines and figure-skimming silhouettes are more fetching and fashionable than cling-wrap clothes. Knee-grazing wrap dresses and A-line skirts are perfect for a first date; complete this sweet dinner date look with a soft cardigan and ballet flats or a kitten heel shoe.

The most alluring parts of a woman are a clear complexion, the neck and collarbone, and décolletage, making tops that cut across or off the shoulders very attractive. Wear dark wash jeans with an off-the-shoulder knit sweater and peep toe shoes for a lovely casual date look.

Find out what the color of your clothes says to others

The Color White

White is the sum of all other colors in the spectrum, reflects light and is considered a summer color. Wearing white keeps you cool and contrasts bright colors of spring and summer nicely. Brides wear white to symbolize innocence and purity. Doctors and nurses traditionally wear white to imply sterility.

White can expose you to fashion faux pas, however, since lightweight fabrics in this color easily reveal visible panty lines and/or colors and patterns of underwear. Wear a thong, Spanx or flesh-toned undergarments to avoid arming standers-by with x-ray vision.

White clothes show dirt easily and are therefore much more difficult to keep clean than other colors. The no-white after Labor Day rule is a bit outdated, but getting it right requires a bit of an expert eye.

The Color Black

Black absorbs light and is hands-down the most stylish and timeless color in the world of fashion. This legendary status may be in part due to the fact that black makes people look thinner. Dramatic black is often worn by creative types, and in our commercial society black is the color of authority and power. No wonder the little black dress is the perfect number!

The Color Red

Red is the color of passion and love, and the most emotionally intense color. Red also produces a biological response, getting people all hot and bothered by quickening the pulse and increasing the breathing rate.

While red is definitely regarded as a sexy color that draws attention, red also makes the wearer look heavier and is an appetite stimulant – perhaps this explains common weight gain during the holiday season. Red can also appear confrontational – think of matadors – so avoid red when carrying out negotiations, as it may work against you.

The Color Pink

Pink is a very gentle and calming color that stimulates feelings of innocent romance, in contrast to the lusty emotions linked with red. Pale pink draws energy and relaxes making its wearers more approachable; this makes pale pink a wonderful color to wear on a date!

The Color Purple

Purple is a color rarely found in nature – a fact that instantly draws attention to anyone wearing it and sometimes makes it appear artificial. Purple has traditionally represented luxury, royalty, wealth and sophistication; purple is a color of power also has a feminine and romantic appeal, especially lighter shades.

The Color Blue

Blue is one of the most popular colors. After all, it is found so many places on our planet: from the sky to the ocean, to baby blue eyes, to the forever-fashionable blue jean. Blue usually produces the opposite emotional response of the color red; blue stimulates a chemical reaction in the body, producing feelings of peace and tranquility, so blue is the perfect shade for yoga apparel.

Fashion consultants advise wearing blue to job interviews because it has been shown to symbolize loyalty.

The Color Green

A calming and refreshing color, green represents nature. Green is easy on the eye, and studies suggest that it may even improve vision!

The color of money, dark green is masculine, and suggests wealth. Related to this message of prosperity, medieval brides wore green to symbolize fertility and fruitfulness.

The Color Yellow

The most difficult color for the eye to process, yellow can be overpowering – perhaps this is why people tend to lose their tempers and babies cry more in yellow rooms. Yellow is a cheery color, though, and does have its positive attributes: over and above attracting attention, yellow enhances concentration, which would explain its use for post-its and legal pads. It is also believed that yellow may speed up your metabolism!

The Color Orange

Wearing orange is a fantastic way to command attention. A combination of passionate red and happy yellow, orange shares moderated attributes of both colors. Like yellow, orange is intellectually stimulating, but also signifies warmth, energy, change, and health. Like red, orange is very stimulating, but orange (and especially peachy orange) is less aggressive and more soothing.

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